N&N Project

This is the central domicile of the project Networks and Neighbours (N&N).

N&N is an international research project dedicated to the study of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. To this end, N&N runs symposia, conferences and other events, publishes essays and reviews, and books and volumes through our associated print publisher Gracchi Books. N&N is entirely no-fees Open-Access, and all events, programs and series that we run and sponsor are free of charge.

N&N is constituted by scholars from around the globe. We encourage participation from diverse perspectives and institutional frameworks, and strive for a complementing collection of advanced students, junior researchers and senior academics in dialogue freely and openly, without barriers – whether territorial, linguistic, national, or other.

For more about us see our profile page.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and are always open to suggestions.


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