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Philosophies of History

Founded in mid-2012, by several medieval historians at the University of Leeds, Philosophies of History (PoH) is an international and interdisciplinary academic-grassroots project, with activities across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. PoH has two broad aims. The first is the revitalization of philosophy of history as an academic discipline and field of study. Within this remit, the project fosters frank discussions on the construction, performance and interpretation of H/history. The intention is to analyze critically the ways in which we deal with the ‘before now’ and help generate fresh discourses and debates about history and historiography, their relationship to other disciplines of enquiry and ultimately their place in social thinking and meaning. The other crucial purpose of PoH is to interrogate public and political uses, experiences and representations of the past via free forums of publics, students, scholars and community leaders of all types. To these ends PoH runs seminar series, workshops, lectures and small conferences.



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