Late Antique – Visigothic Gallia and Hispania

Late Antique – Visigothic Gallia and Hispania: A Bibliography, 2016-2018

By Alberto Ferreiro (Seattle Pacific University)

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Introduction to the Volume, & Acknowledgements

This online bibliography is intended to be a continuation of the previous ones that I published with Brill. My work on that front with Brill has ended, but I am very grateful for the support that their staff provided over the years, especially to Julian Deahl who enthusiastically embraced the series in the first place. There will be some modifications from the previous ones, but in the main there are not significant changes to the format. We ask the support of scholars working in Visigothic studies to bring to our attention any new work of theirs and of others that should be posted in this site. I also want to thank Michael J. Kelly for adopting what has been a most useful scholarly tool for all of us working on Late Antique Visigothic Hispania. All bibliographies are never fully complete for the time frame that they represent. It is impossible to gather everything for several reasons: many books and journals are behind in their publication schedule and it is difficult to locate everything on a first try. That is why in this volume there will publications dating prior to 2015, works that escaped my attention.


Table of Contents:

Periodical Abbreviations 

Reference Works

General Studies


Topical Sources and Studies


Civil Law


Literary Culture


Isidore of Seville


Social, Political, Economic 

Migrations and ‘Invasions’ 



Other Peoples




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